Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I refer a loved one to TLC?
Referrals are done through the Supports Coordination Unit of York County MH/IDD. The individual must have a consolidated waiver. When a referral is made to TLC, there is an process of meeting with the individual, family, and Supports Coordinator to determine the bust possible living arrangement in a TLC home.

2. What opportunities will my loved one have while living at TLC? 
Individuals are provided all opportunities for them to live an everyday life. This includes skill development, recreation, and activities that promote independence and integration into their community.

3. Are the staff strained to support my loved one? 
Staff receive extensive training in the support and services that individuals need and want. This includes 2 weeks of orientation and additional training throughout the year on areas of IDD, Autism and mental health. Additional training on supporting medical needs is also provided.

4. What are In home and community supports? 
These supports are for individual’s living in their home. The supports are to work on specific goals to increase independence and community integration while still living in their family home.

5. What is OVR? 
OVR is a specific service to provide vocational rehabilitative services to help person’s with disabilities prepare for, obtain or maintain employment and independence. They include job coaching and supportive employment and other services to prepare for and engage in meaningful employment.

6. Age range for people served? 
18- end of life

7. Times for Day program?
Monday- Friday 8:30am-3:30pm closed for major holidays

8. Wait list?
There currently is no waiting list Please ask your Supports’ Coordinator to contact us.

9. Referral Process?
Supports’ Coordinators are asked to send a copy of the ISP to the Director of Day.

10. How can I find out more?
Tours may be set up with the Director of Day Programs at (717)818-8245.

11. What services do we provide?
– Outpatient Services ( Outpatient mental health)
– Day Programs
– Residential Services
– Faith Based Services
– Home and Community
– Autism

12. Where do we apply at?
Online at

13. What is a direct support professional?
As a Direct Support Professional, you will be working in a variety of settings: coaching individuals at their jobs and working with them in their home or day program. Work is in both the community and program setting.

14. Where are you located?
We have multiple locations: Rt 30, Emigsville, Gettysburg and Ryan Run

15. In the residential setting how many homes are there?
Currently we have 28 homes with individuals in them.

16. Are we accepting applications?
Yes. You can apply online at