For Direct Support Professional Ashley and the individual she serves, laughter is key 

Residential Direct Support Professional (DSP) Ashley Kline and the individual she serves at Typical Life Corporation love being silly together.  

Whether they’re driving to pick up medication, going to physical therapy, or just cruising on a joyride, Ashley can depend on one thing from her individual: She will ask Ashley to shake her head “like Oliver does,” referring to a comedian at church.  

“It’s the silliest thing, but it makes her so happy,” Ashley says. “We’ll be driving down the road and she’ll say, ‘Shake your head.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m driving. We’re going to wreck.’ And she just laughs. It’s probably one of my favorite things. It makes her just giggle.” 

Grateful for all she has 

Ashley’s work at TLC looks different every day. She and her individual might leave the TLC Adams County residential house for appointments, take a walk, study the Bible, or watch TV. They might go to the TLC Adams County Day Program, swim with the individual’s sister, clean the house, or go to lunch. 

Each day is an adventure, but one thing remains the same. Ashley spends the entire day with her individual. The experience has made Ashley grateful for the life she has. Her individual’s love of the simple things — animals, lunch, a good laugh at a silly head shake — help Ashley remember all she has to appreciate.  

It’s a mindset she strives to pass on to her eight children. Ashley has two sons and six stepdaughters ranging in age from 7 to 21. Her children love her clients and love visiting the TLC Day Program for special events. And the individuals Ashley serves know her children’s names and look forward to their visits.  

“I’m very open with them about it all because I want them to grow up to know that the world’s not all one-sided,” Ashley says.  

‘A voice and a chance’

Ashley’s passion for helping people led her to TLC in May 2022. Before then, she worked at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Those combined experiences are helping her prepare for a career in counseling. Ashley hopes to grow with TLC and eventually counsel individuals in other aspects of life. 

“Everyone deserves a voice and a chance,” Ashley says. 

Creating new opportunities to give her individuals that voice is a joy Ashley lives every day.   

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