Faith-Based Services

Typical Life recognizes that everyone has a physical, emotional and a spiritual component of their life. For those that desire it we will link individuals to local faith communities of their choice. Individuals make a choice as to what faith community they want to be part of. Some remain with a tradition they have grown up with while others decide to venture out and find new communities to be involved with. For those who don’t feel comfortable going out we also have a weekly service that individuals can choose to attend.
TLC also has a full-time Chaplin on staff. The Chaplin is responsible to work with individuals in service and their families. 

Services include:

  • Linking people with their faith communities 
  • Counseling during times of distress, for example, death of a loved one 
  • Coordinating with various faith communities so people in service can attend services 
  • Coordinating a weekly Bible study with various faith communities 
  • Educating faith communities on how they can include and minister to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.