Supported Employment Program

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment services are available to help people in the areas of:

  • Career assessment
  • Job finding or development
  • Job coaching and support 

Typical Life Corporation has three locations for Supported Employment Services: TLC York, TLC Emigsville and TLC Gettysburg.

Supported Employment services are direct and indirect services that are provided in a variety of community settings for the purposes of supporting participants in obtaining and sustaining competitive integrated employment. Competitive integrated employment refers to full or part-time work at minimum wage or higher, with wages and benefits similar to those without disabilities performing the same work, and fully integrated with co-workers without disabilities.
This service includes activities such as training and additional supports including worksite orientation, job aide development, coordination of accommodations and ensuring assistive technology that may be needed by the participant to obtain and sustain competitive integrated employment
is utilized as specified in the plan.