We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a life to their fullest potential. This includes allowing the person to determine the life they want to live and supporting them to reach their goal. These supports include: 


  • Giving a person choices and control 
  • Inclusion in the community 
  • Making contributions to the community 
  • Working together with others in the community 
  • Having valued relationships with people in the community 
  • Quality staff that understand the best ways to help a person reach their goals. We recognize that each person is a unique individual. We value the person’s dignity and respect their choices and their life story.

Things we strive for:

  • People feeling welcomed and heard 
  • People having authority to plan and pursue their own vision for their lives 
  • Assessing a person in a fair and accurate way and discovering what they define as a quality life. 
  • All planning is person-centered 
  • We integrate natural supports and paid services 
  • Community resources are used 
  • The plan is responsive to changing priorities and needs of the person 
  • Services are tailored to achieve the desired outcome verses fitting the person into the program’s needs
  • A workforce that is stable and qualified 
  • Services are provided in a culturally competent manner 
  • We want families to play a meaningful role in the development of services for their family member and the organization as a whole.